I Want What I Can't Have
I Want To Make You Mine
Anonymous → Um... I've never sent a prompt before so yeah this is probably not so good. Anyway, I'm really into Tomlinshaw right now so maybe you could do one where Louis' part cat? It's called hybrid, right? Just something sweet maybe? Thank you very much.

Hello! I’m amazed that this is your first prompt and you think it’s not good, I actually love this prompt so much I’m going to make it into a oneshot instead, meaning it will be longer with more of a plot. Hope that’s okay? 

The general idea is something like this: Nick bought Louis after his best mates Liam and Zayn tell him it’s worth it. Nick has maybe two weeks off to look after Louis and get him settled in. Very fluffy and cute with adorable Louis learning all new things and meeting Liam and Zayn and their pets, Niall and Harry.


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Anonymous → Omg I can't read i just realised prompts are closed I'm so sorry disregard that last message

It’s okay, don’t worry. c: xx 

Anonymous → tomlinshaw age play with little louis ^_^ dkfjghdf super fluffy where nick gives louis a bath and then they play peek-a-boo when he's getting him dressed etc. etc. djfgdj please? (to you, from butt)

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Anonymous → do you write smut?

I do but I can guarantee you it’s not worth asking me to. When I try write smut I become the awkward sack of potatoes that sits there for about half an hour till I finally write something that makes no sense. xx

Anonymous → Please continue the transgender Louis fic!! It seems very interesting and the topic is not enough written. I had no idea I liked that until you came, so yeah, please continue :)

Thank you! I think I will continue it. c: <3 

Growing Up Crooked; Chapter One

Summary: Louis is transgender; a girl stuck in a boy’s body. With the help of the four boys she is slowly but surely falling for will she finally be able to match her body to her mind or will it all fall to pieces?  Louis is crooked and she fears she’ll never be able to change.

Author’s Note: I really hope you guys like this, please please please give me feedback because I’m not sure if I should continue it or not. xx

Words: 1,435

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New writer here! Prompts are open so send a few in if you like but make sure to read the guidelines please! xx

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